Okay summer holiday is over for me and same time I would like to remind everyone that today crib45 is at the Dante's highlight with Callisto! So tonight everyone should come there and enjoy of the great music from these bands.


There have been few new blogs on bands myspace blog.

First from couple of weeks ago a MetalBS interview. What is pretty good, so I recomend to read it.

Second one is from yesterday and it's real big thing once again.
Crib45 parts ways with Matti, do YOU have what it takes to be a part of Crib45?
More details are on the blog and there is also a informations to how you could be a next bass player on crib45!


New bassplayer, 2 gigs cancelled, 2 gigs added:

We are glad to tell yuou that we have found a new bassplayer. Those of you who have been in our last 3 gigs, have noticede that Matti Stenvall has joined our crew.

We sadly have to once again cancel Oulu and with it Kemi due to logistical problems. We will find new dates for these gigs as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

On the other hand 2 more gigs added, to Vaasa and Helsinki. See you there


More news from the blog:

Live roster changes
There are few changes on rosters of our coming gigs.

For The Imperium will drop out of from our coming february-march fieldtrip, because of schedule problems. We wish nothing but all the best to FTI and hopefully we can make this happen some other time. On behalf of those already announced gigs, they will still take place as planned but there are some unannounced shows that needs to be rescheduled. Hopefully we can announce more gigs, along with bands to replace FTI, as soon as possible

Also due to sudden logistical and geographical problems Sole Remedy also were forced to cancel Turku on this friday. Kurouma will step in as the new opener for that evening. All other shows with Sole Remedy will still go on as planned.


Today there is gig at On The Rocks with Kilt., so remember to come and enjoy the free show.
Also some news what you may have already read from myspace blog:

Lineup change
As you have noticed on our last three gigs, Crib45 has parted ways with Markku. This was a decision that became mandatory to us due to his actions, which started to be a problem for us, to the point where it was impossible to continue with him. It is needless to say that we are deeply disappointed in the manner how he chose to handle the situation that left us no choice but to do this.

We would like to thank Jyri Helko for helping us out on these three gigs on such a short notice and making them possible to execute as planned without cancelling.

We apologize that we haven't announced new gigs as promised lately, since we have been really busy on our tryouts for a new bass player and it has consumed our time from booking and being able for closing some dates. But we assure you that eventho this meant that some of the yet unannounced shows has to be rescheduled, we will announce new gigs shortly along with our new bass player.

Thank you for your patience



Some sad and some good news! First the sad ones: gig at Oulu in Lupi is cancelled becouse closure of Lupi.
And the good ones then. More dates have been added, so go to shows and see more details of that. Also still more shows are waiting to be come.


Crib45 have added few more dates on their calendar, these are mostly outside the capital area, so take a look to the shows section to find out more. Also there is more dates to be published later on.


There is some great news at the myspace blog, and now also in here:

Guitar endorsement
We are happy to inform you that Crib45 is now endorsed by Dot On Shaft guitars. Teemu and Markku will join the growing lineup of DOS artists with SG bodytype baritone and Exotic Bubinga bass. These instruments really took us by surprise. The undeniable quality and craftmanship of luthiers, the great feel, unbelievably gorgeus finish and deep and flexible tone is just what Crib45 has been looking for and we are really looking forward to this collaboration. To top it all, from now on we are also endorsed by DOSwyres, which are hand wound teflon professional instrument strings. You can imagine that we are really excited and can't wait to let you hear the superb sound of these quality instruments.

Crib45 would like to thank Mika & Sanna Hakala, Amplisonic and Mike Carparelli for this great privilage and opportunity that's been handed to us.

To find out more about Dot On Shaft and DOSwyres you can go to international sites:



If you live in Finland, you should visit here:



As crib45 myspace blog informs us, there is new review / article of metamorphosis on muzike.org. It is written in spanish, so some of you might prefer to use some translator like google translate. I recomend you all to read this article, becouse it is pretty interesting.


Review of the evening with Before The Dawn and Black Sun Aeon have made to the Stalker Magazine's website.


Some updates today at the crib45 myspace blog:

Crib45 to take the stage with Callisto
We are excited to inform that we will be performing with Callisto at legendary Nosturi. This is a huge honor for us and naturally we are really stoked for this opportunity. It's been few years since the last time we've shared the stage, so we can't wait for this to happen again. To make the evening complete, Radar will be joining us and those who aren't familiar with Radar yet, we seriously recommend to check them out immediately from here www.myspace.com/radarnoise.


Today is the day! You all should walk to the record store and get crib45 - metamorphosis cd on your collections!
There is also a full album preview at the myspace page.


First review of the album is made by Stalker Magazine, and the points are 9/10!
You all should go and read the whole thing from here.


Crib45 is "fresh act" of the month on Stalker Magazine. You can read the whole story from here.


Been real sick here. So kinda late with the news, but here they come:

Album release and few gigs

There's been a slight change in our releasedate, but not to worry it won't be postponed too much. In fact, it won't be postponed at all, but it will be released 2 days early on 13th of may 2009 instead of 15th of may 2009.

Also we are happy to inform that the international preorders will start this week through LevykauppaX in finnish or in english and Firebox netstores and since we wanted to keep the costs low for you, so everyone can afford it, you can get it for as cheap as 12,90€.

We are also happy announce a pair of gigs. Our album's release gig will be thrown at Virgin Oil Co with no other than Before The Dawn and Black Sun Aeon. Also we're happy to reveal couple of gigs more from our still hidden plans. At first we'll share stage with The Kilt in On The Rocks and after that with Callisto in Nosturi. There are still bunch of gigs waiting to be revealed.

15.5.09 Virgin Oil Co w/ Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon
28.7.09 On The Rocks w/ The Kilt
19.9.09 Nosturi w/ Callisto, tba

Thank you for your patience

For some strange reason, at the moment, RecordshopX shows incorrect price 14.90 but hopefully it'll be corrected as soon as possible.
Also we have to announce that we have to reschedule the On The Rocks gig to a new date, which we'll announce as soon as we get more information


Yesterday band did release new blog with more album info and some cover previews too! No cover arts here, but rest of the blog down below:

a bit of a fuck-up & album details
We apologize that for some reason I accidentally managed to upload the wrong, unfinished & unmixed versions of the songs instead of the actual finished tracks. My mistake is now corrected. This was my bad :)

The Ghosts Among Me
single EP:
Release date: soon

1. The Ghosts Among Me
2. As I
3. A Brief Comfort
4. Beyond The Reach of Repair
5. Requiem

Lars Eikind

Running time:
approx 32 minutes

Release date: May 15th 09

1. The Chant
2. Passage
3. Zahir
4. The Ghosts Among Me
5. Province
6. Beneath The Waves
7. Last Breath

Lars Eikind
Mikko Herranen
Max Lilja
Kari "Sir Korak" Reini
Kane Kanerva
Sami Kurppa
Jukka Salovaara
Jani Autero

Running time:
approx 55 minutes


Crib45 brings you fast some news and more...

Single EP's listenable versions
Here's the listenable versions like promised. Better quality download versions will be added shortly, as soon as it's possible for us. We'll give the complete album info and better details later.
Have fun :)

The Ghosts Among Me single EP:
Release date: soon
1. The Ghosts Among Me
2. As I
3. A Brief Comfort
4. Beyond The Reach of Repair
5. Requiem
Lars Eikind

So go to the myspace page and take some time to listen the EP.


Just a reminder what's going on was posted to the myspace page.

Just a little heads up
Wanted to you a little heads up on what's coming. In a week or two we will not only give you a release date to our debut album "Metamorphosis", all the album's details and tracklist, but also we'll release our single EP that's completely free of charge. At first it will be available in here for listening only, but right after we have gone through all the mandatory legal gibberish we'll post you a link where you can download it from. Thank you for your patience, not long to go anymore.

Teemu / Crib45


Some updates once in a while at the myspace page.

To give you a taste of what we've been doing for the past couple of months, we uploaded rough mixed version of our forthcoming single "The Ghosts Among Me". Keep in mind that this is just a sample, a taste, not the actual finished product, but a work still in progress. Enjoy...

So take your time to listen it and left some toughts while your at it.


And here is symbolic records release of the collaboration:

Symbolic and Crib45

Symbolic Records Finland and Crib45 will co-operate from now on. Crib45 has been recording their debut album “Metamorphosis” which will be released early summer 2009. There are also plans to release a single around february/march which will mostly consist of songs that will not be on the album.

Previoisly Crib45 has released two EP’s “A Requiem For Alleviation in 2005” and “The Becoming in 2003“.

Visit the Crib45 MySpace to hear what this is all about. http://www.myspace.com/crib45


Some big news this time from the band! Next is taken from their blog:

Symbolic metamorphosis of lineup

We've been busy and it's time for some news from Crib45 camp. There's few surprises that we have been keeping as a secret from everyone. So, here it goes:

Once again a new chapter will be written as there's yet another lineup change coming. Ville will momentarily step down from guitar duties and will travel the world for six months or so. We would like to welcome Janne Pappila from Solnic as our new guitarist from now on.

Also a new chapter will be written as Crib45 officially signs a deal with Symbolic Records, an Finnish independent label. We have great hopes for this collaboration and now we can officially reveal that what we have actually been recording is our debut album "Metamorphosis" that will be released around late spring / early summer. Our first, not yet determined, single will see the light of the day around february/march. We are also happy to inform that the single will not only be free of charge but also EP length and also mostly featuring songs that will not be on the CD. Pretty cool, eh?

So, if you have wondered how come it's taken this long to record an EP, now you know why.

We'll try to give you some sort of taste as soon as possible and update our studio diary.



First studio diary is up with few pics on it... so look on to it from -here-.


After long silence there is time to brake that with blog on the myspace page.

and october came with an update

It's been awhile since our last blog. Last time I was telling you news that the plans for '...And All Hope Fails' is filed under 'not happening' and that we would start recording our next effort on october. Well, october came and like we promised so did the time for us to enter the studio. Day 2 is now behind us and it's been more than we hoped for. Almost all the drumtracks are finished, which is pretty good for us since most of the day 1 was building up everything and today was the first real day for recording. We should be finishing the last drumtracks tomorrow and possibly even starting up the guitartracks. For now, all we know that the studio for this weekend and the friday - sunday on next week is booked to us so we'll continue it then and we have our hopes up that a large sum of the guitartracks will be finished by then. What we don't know yet is that when is the next possible open date for the studio for us to book, but hopefully soon.

The plan is this, we record few songs and release them as a ep and who knows, if everything is going like thing are going right now, we might even have spare time to record an extra song or two for later use. This would naturally mean that we would be able to release new song(s) after this ep way sooner than it took us since 'Requiem For Alleviation' to enter the studio.

I'll start an studio diary in few days to keep you informed on how things are moving along.

Also, we are happy to tell you that the bass duties on this effort will be handled by the very talented Samppa Fjäder from 'N'.
We would like to thank Samppa for hurrying to help us on such a short notice.

-Teemu / Crib45


Teemu have placed more info about the situation once again on their myspace page. And now you can read it from here too:

...and old plans fails, new plans surfaces

After a long silence from Crib45's camp, there are finally some new announcements and news. Some good, some bad, like always. First, The bad news. It looks like our longtime member and deeply loved brother Pasi is forced to step down, atleast for awhile, due to family reasons. We are getting a substitute bassplayer for that period of time, that is yet to be determined. We hope that Pasi will be returning soon, after things settle down.

Then the good news, it looks like there might be something happening in the direction of Crib45 camp. If everything goes like planned, Crib45 will be nominated as Stalker Magazine's Fresh Act of september or october and will be given that status for a whole month and can be found on the Stalker Magazine's website's frontpage. The nomination will include interview and some other info that is still bit unclear to us but will propably cope in next few days.

It also looks like that the omenous EP "...And All Hope Fails" will be scrapped and forgotten. If it ever comes out, then it will not be on the form that were intended, but in some other form instead. Eventho "...And All Hope Fails", after long series of unfortunate events, is now located in trashcan Crib45 will be entering studio, for the first time in 3 or 4 years in october. We are exploring new stuff, that is at the same time once again darker and more "crossover" with various genres. There will be some progressive structural elements, along with alternative metal, soft jazz and even post-metal/rock elements mixed together, hand in hand. One thing we can promise, the songs will be slow and heavy, just like the actor John Candy.

Some songs that were intended to ...And All Hope Fails will be used in this project that looks like to turn out to be a theme-/conseptrelease. The plans will get more clear in few weeks as we start to get more info on our situation. Stay tuned to get more info soon.



Oh man... I got hole in my head and big one too... This thing have been long time on myspace page already but at last I do remember to put it here too! Crib45 is going to have show with The Broken Sun at 21.7.2008 in on the rocks. And on the rocks pages also tells that this show is going to be free!!!! So everyone come to see 2 great bands there!


Crib45 is having a show at Gloria on next thursday 22.05.08. I recomend you to be early in there, as their showtime is at 20:00!


Some sad "old/new" news here. This next text I have taken from the band blog at the myspace, and there it have been for some time already... Just been too damn busy latetly, so it's my fault for place it here so late!

..and all plans failed

It's been awhile since we made our last update about our progress on "...And All Hope Fails", the reason is that there hasn't been any. It is our sad duty to inform that from this moment everything is on hold and that we have parted ways with Tuomas as a producer. At the moment we don't know yet who will be the new producer and replace Tuomas or when will we start working on the EP again. All we know is that it won't happen in the near future for different reasons. There are few gigs planned that we are going to participate in but for the moment there are no plans for accepting new ones.
Thank you for your patience


It's a new year and also this time it means a new design in here! Last style was here already too damn long, but hope you all will like this new and bit darker look! There is still some sections under major work, like guestbook that did get big time spams last time, so I'm looking for new solution to it.

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